Olives Holiday Gift Guide

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So, this years Holiday Season is off to a great start! My shopping is well on its way to being completely finished. Just a few more small things and I will be a wrapping fool! I figured I would share some of my favorite gifts; some I have bought for others and some I would love to receive, or possibly buy for myself with my miniature Christmas bonus!!

These first items are simply fabulous for those ROCK stars in your life! Jeff Davis creates a "green" theme with re-used vinyls from some of your favorite bands of the 70's! Included are: vinyl bowls, party trays, earrings and necklaces, wrist cuffs, clocks, mirrors and coasters foryour cold holiday drink to rest on!

You can find most of these items at UNCOMMONGOODS.COM!

Everyones FAVORITE gift this season will be "The L Word" Season 5 or 6.. for those fools who haven't yet purchased the last two series of the most awesomely missed show ever!

These are available at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com or any movie store near you!

My all time most WANTED and probably going to get for myself after Christmas is Barnes & Noble's first eReader the NOOK! With its easy to read E Ink, it reads more as a book than a computer screen making it easier on the eyes! It has a 2GB memory with option to use a memory card for extra storage. 3G+WiFi makes it easy to access over 1,500 books, newspapers and magazines. An easy fully colored touch screen resides on the bottom making it easy to scroll through your very own library of your favorite picks!

Available at Barnes & Noble.. They are SOLD OUT! But a certificate is available for the holidays and your item will ship first thing next year!

Coffee, cigarettes and candles sound like a great Sunday morning to me! These little stocking stuffer's are genius for those INK-aholics close to you!

Ed Hardy introduces stuff for the everyday soul! Instead of thinking that you can't wear your inked shirt to work, you can still ink it at the office or on your much needed nicotine break! And the candles, they smell delic!!

Amazon.com for these suckers!

And Last but not least.. the new ZUNE HD! Just because it looks so dang sweet and I'm way over the iPod! The Zune has a great design; rather slick and clean. Professional looking; a real eye catcher! The colors are fantastic to look at and it has a rather smooth touch screen for your scrolling pleasure! Powered by NVIDIA.

Zune.com or BestBuy.com .. I'm sure its available at any local electronic store!

Mine seems to missing quite a bit of CASH!!


Hannah Blilie

Monday, December 7, 2009

Drummer, Hannah Blilie of the band "Gossip", talked to a favorite AfterEllen.com about the groups new released CD, and about her invigorating tattoo fetish!

When asked about their new album, "Music for Men", Blilie stated that she was very excited about the whole thing. This is a first major label record. Therefore, she (Gossip) wanted to make it more of a dance floor record with a hi-fi type sound that their other music doesn't portray. Instead of one guitar, drums and vocals, the band wanted to add more elements into the mix with this exceptional project! Their producer on the album was Rick Ruben, with whom Blilie says was an inspiration to work with. Very supportive and full of brilliant ideas! Blilie had told AfterEllen that before Rick came into the picture Gossip had never really considered themselves to be professional musicians.

In my opinion, Gossip is an extraordinary band! They have great music, their interaction with each other and consideration of sound shows through the vocals and all the instrumental detail that is involved with this energetic group! The new album is super awesome! I suggest taking a listen here and then buying yourself a copy here!!

On being queer and sort of an icon for the gay community.. I give you my favorite direct quote from Blilie to AfterEllen.com:

AE: Do you feel pressure at all being such a public figure for the queer community?
No, just because I feel like we’re just being ourselves and I think that’s kind of part of what appeals to people about our band. We’re outspoken queers and we talk about queer issues. We’re loud and proud, we come from the queer community and now we’ve got this opportunity to bring the message to the mainstream and it’s a really rad opportunity.

I don’t really feel pressure to be a spokesperson or anything like that because it’s really more about just being ourselves. I always feel the love from the queers and it makes us feel really amazing and empowered.

On another note, Blilie's body looks to be swimming in radical ink, which it is.. she says that since she has some money now which the band has helped her earn, she has gone kind of wild with tattoo syndrome. Her dream was to always have full sleeves and now she is in the process of actually making that come true.

The two main pieces on both arms are paintings from Tamara de Lempicka, a 1930's art-deco artist along with many flowers, birds and horses!

Here's "GOSSIP" with Heavy Cross, a new song off of "Music for Men"! Enjoy!

Even if you cannot understand the languages Lizzy is speaking in these few episodes, they will make you laugh your ass off! You can always count on this muff muncher to make your day!

TAAHAA... love the little musical encores at the end of each episode.. totally brilliant! Always a pleasure, muff muncher!!

NOH8 Day..
Ellen & Portia Style!

Friday, December 4, 2009

You would think.. that Ellen and Portia would have been one of the first couples (people) to set up a photo shoot with Adam Bouska for the NOH8 Campaign! Why, you might ask? Umm.. HELLO they are legally MARRIED!! Wife and wife.. girl and girl.. lesbian and lesbian..!! That's WHY! And also, because they are celebrities and people, more than likely, look up to them and try to mock everything they do (well the creepy ones)..!

Feel the LOVE PEOPLE!! See the LOVE! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! But, half of society's brains are terminally ill and don't know what that word means. That is why Adam Bouska has started the NOH8 Campaign designed to show the world that our voices are not being heard and that we will not stop until the word EQUALITY means same-sex rights!

Many celebrities have already shot their photo, those of which are straight and/or married. As well as gay, bisexual, transgender and lesbian.

So, I am here to help recruit Ellen & Portia, lawfully wedded wives, to get your asses up for an hour and smack that duct tape across your mouths! Take a pretty picture and help support what supported you! Join the NOH8 Campaign because we, the un-wedded same-sex couples, still want our day!!

And I.. want to love my WIFE too!

The former Family Ties star, Meredith Baxter jumped out of the closet and reviled her homosexualness (is that even a word?) with the real world!

I don't know about you but, Baxter has already got me singing "Damn she's a sexy chick.. a sexy chic.. damn she's a sexy chic.. DAMN GIRL (David Guetta)!!

Meredith Baxter has been married 3 times, and is a mother of 5! She said she never realized that she was really a lesbian and didn't come to the theory until later in her life (I guess so).
As most of us women, or young girls we find ourselves (at least this was my experience as well) having deep long-lasting relationships with women on a platonic level. These relationships last and last until you start wondering.. what is next? This is exactly how Baxter realized that she was gay. She didn't fight the connection, instead she gradually let it fall into place realizing her former issues that she encountered with "straight" relationships.

Baxter claims that she is happy and has been in a four-year relationship with her wonderful partner Nancy Locke; she couldn't be happier!!

Lots of LOVE your way Meredith!! Maybe if this world screwed their heads on the right way you could make a 4th and final marriage!

World Aids Day

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st marks yet another World Aids Day! This year "Join(Red)" has teamed up with (NIKE) in the effort to Fight Aids! You can purchase your set of (RED) laces HERE!

Another new twist to the Join(RED) campaign is the use of the latest social networking sites. Both Facebook and Twitter have gone red this December 1st in honor of fighting the cause! Don't forget to use #RED at the end of every TWEET! If you do, your tweet will literally be (RED)! As for facebook, please become a fan of Join(RED) and make your profile picture one of its many "fighting" icons!

Also, the Starbucks Love Project has been (RED) for several years now! On December 1st only, for every handcrafted drink that is ordered Starbucks will donate 5¢ U.S to the global fund to help fight Aids!

Last but not least, I took it upon myself to make LEAF STRING (RED)! At the top left of my blog you will see that I am also fighting for the cause.. the link will direct you to the Join(RED) website where you can purchase many (RED) products from several different company's.

(Please show your support for World Aids Day whichever way you can!)