AS SEXY AS THEY COME (at least I think so)! Ladies and Gentlemen, Jennifer Beals! Pardon me while I sit and catch my breath! Holy smokes, this woman takes my breath away, so very tall, so very talented, and so very intelligent! Jennifer Beals has natural beauty; and a natural lusting body for that matter. Jennifer Beals won a GLAAD award in 2005, and has been nominated two years in a row for an Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series (The L Word). Jennifer was the San Francisco Pride Parade Grand Marshall in 2006. She has recently teamed up with Tobias Wolff (a Stanford professor who has teamed up with the Obama campaign) to talk about the Obama campaign with issues concerning the LGBT community, she took viewers questions and point of views and got quick answers that hopefully will ease some people. Jennifer also attended V to the TENTH in New Orleans, where she (photo above) gave a bold and remarkable performance of the Vagina Monologues’. So invigorating, and for someone so shy and reserved, this performance is outstanding as well as she!
First, her heart is shattered when she finds out that her girlfriend has been unfaithful (The L Word), then not a month later she gets the boot on Dancing With The Stars… people, give this woman a break!! Marlee Matlin folks, she is sexy, she is brilliant, she is so attractive, and when she talks, she melts my heart! This woman is so extremely talented, generous, kind, and most of all an inspiration, and yet it seemed as if not a soul out in the United States had faith in her. My opinion she should have stayed at least for a few more weeks on DWTS, if her dancing wasn’t cutting it her costumes certainly were! So people I say to you, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!! Smoking body, smoking hot personality, Marlee is definantly one of a kind!
Attractive and magnificent Faith Hill has been one of my favorite Diva’s for as long as I can remember. Her voice itself has sex appeal, not to mention her rocking body which has birthed three children is up to date and in shape! Faith Hill recently attended V to the TENTH in New Orleans along with many other celebrities and over 30,000 people to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ending violence against woman. Faith Hill and husband Tim McGraw performed at the CMT Music Awards in April, where she flashed this “Bat meets Stripper/Bondage” outfit! Yet, she still looks as stunning as ever in it!
Oh Tina, Tina, Tina, Tina! Tina Fey is smoking with glitz and glamour and is still as hilarious as ever! Baby’s Mama, the new 18 million dollar opening day film has everybody and their brother talking. This movie is said to be Hilarious, yet I haven’t had a chance to see it. But I have had a chance to see how Tina Fey is looking these days, and she is HOT! There is something about her that makes her so stunning; maybe it’s her sense of casualness and that of her comic relief that throws the fork. She is a brilliant and sightly woman!
America’s Sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston who may I add received the Vanguard Award at the 18th Annual GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Awards 2007 for her contributions to increase visibility and understanding of the LGBT community! I APPLAUD YOU JENNIFER! This woman has had the eye of many for several years, and still she is single and trying, and I’d like to say single may be the way! This woman has soul like no other; she is indeed America’s Sweetheart with a raving body that would blind a bat? Maybe, huh!
Halle Berry, goddess of all Weaves!! You’re bald, your long, your shoulder length, your right above your ear, your boy short, and then you’re bald again! And with that you are as SEXY as ever!! This is a woman who has the face, the body, and the weave for anything and everything!! Holy crap, look at that body- ladies start doing your jumping-jacks it’s going to be a long haul from here to Haley's abs!
Eva Longoria-Parker, this is one Housewife who in her mind is chanting: Toney oh Toney come save me, they have me chained in Europe (and you know what you could do with chains? Well, maybe not, but use your imagination it’s Eva Longoria for crying out loud!). Chains, chains, and more chains… EGO Magazine Ukraine, Longoria shines in rusty grungy chains and still comes out sparkling in the essence of her own racy sex appeal, which we all so desperately endure!

"COME ON" Miley!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I hate for this to be the first insert, but "COME ON"! Miley Cyrus? The sweet innocent "sweet-nibblets" who wants, and has claimed many times to stand out as a role model for young girls. But what constitutes young? We are talking little girls as young as 5 years-old who have not one clue as to why their sensational 15 year-old idol is dressed and posed this way?

And if it’s not a photo shoot skimping out the child actress/singing sensation then it’s a home photo shoot.
Do we see what is wrong with society these days? Do we understand that children growing up only imitate what they see without being aware of what they are portraying? All kids look up to an older more mature person in order to develop some sort of identity. The identities that these celebrities are creating for these children are horrific. The knowledge of these innocent children is not there and when they do learn and understand why there 15 year-old “hero” is portraying its then too late, which equals one more corrupted child in this world.

The sad part to this is that Cyrus is posing with her father Billy Ray Cyrus so sexually. “COME ON”! What this explicates to is a new (heaven forbid) sexual way to “bond” with your daughter. I mean really, is this exploitation or what? A lot of people are raving that indeed this is exploitation of 15 year-old Miley Cyrus. Somebody had to consent to these photos; we know it wasn’t the young hip rock-n-roll sensation herself. So is this exploitation or not? You be the judge!

Hello World!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hello to all my LGBT friends and my non-LGBT friends! As you can see, I am new to all this jazz and have been pondering over what to include in my “NEW” blog! I want to make this blog YOURS as well as my own. I want to include fresh ideas, remarkable and energizing topics that will make people want more. I plan to utilize my excess-time follies for most of the blog, my city-escape so desperately needs attention, and I just happen to want to write about it. Also celebrity and news issues that I dwell on for days because I either find them rather fascinating or just plain-Jane that they still scream for attention. I encourage you to leave comments, along with e-mails so that this blog not only suits me but it suits my viewers; I want to talk to you!