Vancouver film maker Gwen Haworth made a movie, a documentary, on her life and coming out to her family as identifying as a woman rather than a man. Haworth started in 2000 with archival family footage, voice messages, and animation to show how Steven Haworth biologically a male transgendered into the female identity Gwen!

Haworth and her Mom

"At turns painful, funny, and awkward,
She's A Boy I Knew explores the frustrations, fears, questions, and hopes experienced by Gwen and her family as they struggle to understand and embrace her newly revealed identity." -Palm Springs International Film Festival

This documentary shows the effects one individual has transitioning not just with himself but with others around him as well.

"She's A Boy I Knew" has won 17 awards in the past two years and has peddled a million miles through press releases and publications around the world.

"Between 2000 and 2004, Gwen came out as transsexual to her friends and family and transitioned genders from male to female. During this process, she became painfully aware of the media's marginalized depictions of trans individuals, often as victims of discrimination & violence or objects of fetish. In She's A Boy I Knew, Haworth turns the camera on her own family, capturing an intimate, complex, and emotionally ground-breaking account of their journeys through this experience."

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Only lesbian bats ride motorcycles and wear pleather stockings! But I'll let my girl Lizzy confirm that Batwoman is indeed a flaming homosexual looking for a sidekick! Any takers??

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A Tribute To Farrah

Friday, June 26, 2009

After a terrible battle with breast cancer Farrah Fawcett passed away at the age of 62.

Her treatments, doctor visits and struggles were documented almost every second of the way. In my eyes she was strong and courageous as well as beautiful and intellectual. Her thoughts for this documentation of her battle is to further the process of finding a treatment that will cure women of this horrid demon that stalks the cells. Will the world ever find a cure for cancer? It seems as if we keep speratically coming up with new technology, a computer cannot stay on the shelf for more than a week without a new and improved one butting in. We now have open MRI machines, a okay grasp on HIV (although we must find a cure for that also) and hospital procedures that you drive through. WE NEED A CURE FOR THE DEMON, because we keep losing women like Farrah.

In 1976 this angel was the poster girl for her fabulous red bathing suit/spectacular smile pose that earned her that exact title for that generation. After Charlies Angels she went on doing TV movies and miniseries landing her 9 Emmy and Golden Globe nominations!

But the one thing we cannot go out here without saying is "THE FARRAH"... That hair! Her hair-cut made every woman squirm on into their local beauty parlor to get "THE FARRAH", I know my mother did!! It was the hair-do of that generation, and a mighty good one at that!

Her hair will never be forgotten, nor will her ambition to find a cure for cancer. This Angel will always be remembered and will fly with pride over the shoulders of those who are fighting the same demon!

You will be greatly missed by all who adored your brilliant talent and liquid smile!

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Kaki King
Recent Interview

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In 2007 out lesbian Kaki King was the first ever female to be included on the Rolling Stones Magazine "Guitar Gods" list. Her album "Dreaming of Revenge" came out last year and is an unbelievable album. I dug up a recent interview of Kaki on Zoom In Online 2009, "kudos". It's a ridiculously enjoyable interview, definitely worth viewing if you are a huge Kaki King fan! Do watch and enjoy!

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Smoking has been glamorous since women sought out their first "puffs"! But, what I truly find glamorous is the attraction that beautiful inelegant vintage feminine ladies bestow on us female womanizers in this never ending "smoke because you're bored" era! There's just something about a vintage Hollywood woman smoking that lights up my "tinglys" and puts a glow on my face.

Audrey Hepburn

Lauren Bacall

Joan Crawford

Marlene Dietrich

Gene Tierney

Rita Hayworth

Glenn Close (1996) imitating the original smoking Cruella Devil in 101 Delmations!

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OUT CHEFS... I'd date them all!
Oh how I love to eat...!








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Boston Magazine has commended "out" Grammy winner Sharon Isbin as "the pre-eminent guitarist of our time." Isbin has an astonishing amount of accomplishments, I would be here all day if I discussed them all. But, one that stood out to me was that she has appeared as soloist with over 160 orchestras, and has engaged more concerti than any other guitarist! Isbin has also appeared in the L Word as herself performing, and recently Power Up! 2009 has honored her and other amazing gay women for their great attributes and successes!

Isbin has a new CD that came out in March of this year from Sony Classics, Journey to the New World, that features folk singer Joan Baez and violinist Mark O'Connor.

Here is a little insight to Sharon Isbins work with a current performance in New York with Mark O'Connor; Enjoy!

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This is the sweetest bit of news I have heard all week! Chastity Bono, daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono, is undergoing gender reassignment! That to me is incredible, and he is so out about the whole transgendering, like it's not a big deal... and guess what it's NOT! It's such an astounding accomplishment if you ask me. That takes courage and the Lion found it!

Even though I have always known that Bono deep down was indeed a dude, he was a smokin hot BUTCH lesbian!

Anyhow, Chaz, I congradulate you on your redefining moment, and to a new happy life with your girlfriend! There are already rumors spreading of a marriage proposal!! Guess we'll have to wait and watch Chaz propose himself!

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Lizzy Fights H8!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Joan Jett has been out and proud since day one! Despite her sexy lesbian physique and her passion for her music, she now gets the chance to have Kristen Stewart display and bring to life Jett's ever so 70's shaggy mullet and to redisplay the amazingly talented all-girls band The Runaways!

Here is a look at recently revealed on the set of Cherry Bomb of Kristen Stewart, and damn she could be Jett's daughter!

I love Kristen Stewart, she is an incredible person as well as an actor. She is simply amazing! I cannot wait to rock out with this movie, HURRY UP AND FINISH THE FILM! It's going to be rad!!

Photos can be found on AfterEllen!

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So why is it that Ruby Rose gets to be serenaded by these two spontaneous and outrageously talented bodies called The Veronicas? God only knows, but Rose is one lucky lady! "I Could Get Used To This" were the vocals that seduced Rose and executed the Veronicas into a touchy-touchy-hold-me-please situation! It is a shame that these three woman have denied a hot lesbian romance, you can obviously tell that they all creamed at some point during this performance. I believe that is grounds for official HOT affair material!! I only imagine, I don't take peoples words! How I would kill for my Aussie crush to serenade me with her MTV gimmicks!

Here is a horrific video (quality went a-crap) but a wonderful shot of the whole performance! Enjoy and I assure you that if you use your imagination the quality will come back!

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The incredibly sexy Danica Patrick, former Rookie of the Year for the Indy 500, is the first woman to ever win an Indy race. In 2009, she placed 3rd in the Indy 500, which was the highest finish in history for a woman. If you ask me, this woman has the looks, the talent, and the speed...three things that would make any lesbian go CRAZY! In her spare time, she loves to shop and says that if she was not a racer, she would be a fashion designer! And grab your movies ladies! She loves comedies and any movie with Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts. I'd say she has good taste! If you think you can keep up, check her out at and follow her on Twitter @DanicaPatrick.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My thoughts are taking a much needed rest for the remainder of the week! I will be back on Monday EXPLODING with new ideas!!

... Oh the possibilities!!

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