Alaska's Sarah Palin, by RR

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Check out this entry by RR, on Flickr by clicking on the photo above.

Very interesting piece that will definitely require your thinking cap, and most likely be the cause of your "Huh's", "What's", "Ah Hah's", and "No Kidding's"!

Cleaning "Out" My "Closet"

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I was clearing away clutter from 2007 and ran across something that said "Suze Orman is a flaming homosexual!" You know... the financial Guru... with the irritating voice?


55 year old Gold Medal Lezbo (bring down the house, now raise the roof) my friends!

It seems that she has been with her partner Kathy Travis for 7 brilliant years.

You Rock Suze! told me that Suze mentions the fact that both she and her partner have millions of dollars in each of their names, and if something were to happen to either of them the other would lose 50 percent of what the other person has in estate taxes. All that money will be because gay marriage is frowned upon, and same sex couples can't legally hold that financial bond that heterosexual couples have to freely embrace.

Suze is hoping that by coming out, she will show the world that there are indeed serious financial issues surrounding same sex marriages.

I guess I can't always keep up with everything...

But, what I do know for 2009 is that Suze will receive the Vito Russo award for her work as a financial freak in April at the annual GLAAD awards!

Yea... it pays off being a Power Dike!! Well done Suze. Bravo!

First Lady Wednesday

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beautiful: such poise!

Honey, I'm Home!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm back trying to redeem myself after starting something and not continuing with it. It was my goal and my passion to have a web blog of interests that I dwell on and enjoy on a day to day basis, so that others may have the same pleasure and enjoyment as I do! There have been many blogs out there that have inspired me to create my own page of endless words through my own thoughts and spontaneous excerpts. Please bare with me as I gradually try to redeem myself of this rotten blogging repore!