Repeal IT

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Many people have different feelings on Proposition 8, even those withing the LGBT community. On one side we have the Hail Holy Gay team that never leaves the house without some sort of LGBT gear flashing from their wardrobes, and on the other side we have the more mellow "yea were gay, whatevs" group that walks around less noticeable on the outside not flaunting their sexuality. But when it comes to a political issue within a personal struggle for equal rights and awareness it becomes almost an issue that even a few open-minded heterosexuals start getting involved with and start protesting in their own comfortable ways.

In 2008, Californian LGBT's (with the representation of the rest of the country) were robbed of their own identity and robbed of a nation that falsely preaches that we are the "Home of the Free". This is an appalling and obscured contradiction to the American way and a low blow to the LGBT population that takes up over half of this country. For California being as big of a state that it is, it was an influence on the rest of the U.S States to acquire the Same-Sex-Marriage bill. But, a few close-minded Republican pin heads had to steal that beautiful "RIGHT" away!

Do people not understand what it means to LOVE and be LOVED? Do people not understand what justice, respect, equality or moral rights stand for? How can one human deny another human of love? How can a human-being strip the rights straight off the backs of their beloved blood relatives? Like Pink said in her Dear Mr. President verse, "How do you sleep," knowing that the bond of a marriage between two people is the strongest way of showing everlasting commitment and love but, you the heterosexual are so selfishly stuck up you can't see past the corner of your brain washed religious cults!

What a sad world we live in. We have come so far with the fight for gender rights and racial rights but, there are all these issues in between that need their day built into the constitution as well. Like Proposition 8 -- Same-Sex-Marriage rights! Those issues are not looked upon as popular or important enough to make a primary issue. Therefore, it's looked at as an impostor in several different aspects. They throw Proposition 8 around as if it were a child's play toy. Playing games with the LGBT community, giving rights and taking them away in the blink of an eye. What is wrong with the government and these state leaders? This is not a joke, our souls are not yo'yo's.. you cannot just spin us when you feel like it or walk to dog to show off! Do we not fight enough? I feel that in all reality the LGBT community has fought harder than any other community within the state of California since the 2008 repeal of Proposition 8.

So we need NOH8.. we need equal rights in the workplace, equal rights in heath care and benefits for same-sex couples and CHILDREN! We need to be able to adopt children or apply for a donor harassment FREE! We need to be looked at as a family who loves each other not a freak show that people make us out to be. It's all about LOVE.. how many times can one say that? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.. and LOVE! This discrimination is CRAP and it's gone on too long. Come on AMERICA aren't we suppose to be the grounds for others to follow and adapt to? Well were FAILING or should I say your FAILING BIG TIME! And soon enough, the population will decrease because we will all be walking our dogs to Canada or wherever else we can share OUR LOVE and share our love with others who want to share their love with us!


Lady GaGa and Elton John put on a performance like no other! Decked out in their "MONSTER" wear, their interchangeable spirits connected on stage brilliantly and their voices were far away from those of monsters. These two talented and entertaining artists rocked the Grammy stage and blew every other performance out of the water. Rock the CLAW Gaga!

What does GaGa have to say after the outstanding performance with Sir Elton John..? Well whatever it is.. I'm sure its smashingly spectacular, she's such a talented artist musically and visually!

Glitter In The Air

Monday, February 1, 2010

I literally have absolutely no words for this beautiful and talented woman! Bare with me and make up your own chatter.. I'm sure you'll be thinking (or touching) things I don't want to know about! I give you the one and only PINK!