Azsa West and Mary McAllister present:
"Lesbian Art Show
represents the timeless and chaotic style of Dada, the intimacies of Left Bank lesbians in the 1920s, and the revolutionary spirit of queer ephemera combined with personal experiences from a recent European adventure, lesbian lifestyles, strange habits, the need for order and documentation, large type, and perhaps most importantly, true love. The works on view often utilize textual diagrams to illustrate ideas. Through graphs, maps, exquisite corpse, and Venn diagrams, they deliver their observations and revelations. In addition, there will be an installation constructed collaboratively with Aubree Bernier-Clarke, and finessed with respect for historical representation and compassion for community."

These are just a few piece of work the Fontanelle Gallery in Portland Oregon had to offer this past June. What an inspiring array of visual art these talented Artists had to share. I encourage you to visit the
website to enjoy the rest of the show and to see the installments as they were in the gallery. The site also gives upcoming shows as well as past shows at the Fontanelle that are just as inspiring!

Fall '09

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The lovely Katherine Moennig is to star in CBS's newest medical drama TV Series, "Three Rivers"! This medical series goes inside the lives of organ donors at their most crucial moments. Dr. Miranda Foster (Kate Moennig), a surgical associate with a defiant attitude, tries to live up to her deceased fathers surgical excellence.

You can catch Dr. Miranda Foster and the medical crew on CBS October 4th, 2009!