Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Holy HOT smokes, Batman! Have you all checked out this months issue of DIVA Magazine? If not, you better jump on that shit quick before I buy the damn magazine company out! Jennifer Beals is back in action (Not the type of action I would like to see, but it will do..)! She is simply to die for.. and if I don't die looking at her, can you imagine this Wicked Witch seeing her in person? "I'm melting.."!

Here's a little taste of the article...

"The actress behind Bette Porter, The L Word’s alpha female, talks to her friend Rachel Shelley about her new book, L Word nostalgia and her need for privacy."

"It was on the red carpet for the second season L Word premiere that I fi rst realised how exceptional Jennifer Beals is. She was midinterview with E! Channel or some such, and had just expressed her very real grief at the death of actor Ozzie Davis who played her father in the series. Barely acknowledging her words or giving her space to draw breath, the interviewer was straight in with his next question – what was she wearing tonight? Jennifer paused. Amidst the madness of flashbulbs and cacophonic name-calling that is a crazed red carpet experience, she had the wherewithal to fix the guy with a hard stare. Struggling to be heard over the hubbub, she chided him concisely: did he not hear what she had just said? How could he plunge into inanities when she had been marking the life of a great and esteemed man?

I was blown away. Those red carpet interviews represent life at its most vapid, yet it didn’t deter Jennifer from her true nature. The easier response may have been just to name the designer.To give good interview and pass it off as a Hollywood moment. But Jennifer’s not prepared to reduce her life or emotions to a series of easy sound-bites for media satisfaction. Everything she is or does is without compromise, and with total commitment to the truth.

So I have to admit, I was a little trepidatious about interviewing Ms Beals. As much as I’ve come to love you, dear DIVA reader, I’m not about to ruin a valued relationship by (asking the wrong question and) blurring the lines between journalist and personal friend. There have been, of course, many conversations and experiences she and I have shared over the years that would be unsuitable for a magazine article, whether she was famous or not. Most are obvious, others are wonderfully weird, like the names of her pets. She is, by her own admission, a very private person."